In-store layaway requires a minimum deposit of 20% down (No less than $40). The remaining balance must then be paid within 30 days or the item will be reshelved and deposit will be lost. 

Gunbroker layaway requires a deposit of 20% (No less than $40). The remaining balance must be paid within 30 days or the item will be reshelved. Postal money orders are the only form of acceptable payment for Gunrboker layaway items. 

All deposits are nonrefundable. Layaway will not be available for items we deem 'hard to get'.  

Special Orders


All special orders require a deposit minimum of 50%. We will not order the item until we receive the deposit. Once the deposit is received, we will order the item. All orders must be picked up and the balance paid in full within 14 business days or the item will be sold to recoup losses 

We are not responsible for wholesalers inventory. It is possible for an item to go out of stock while waiting for the deposit. However, we will always double check to make sure it is in stock before taking your deposit.  

Person-to-person Transfers

Both parties and the firearm is required to be present during the transfer. A valid Driver's License is required. The fee for handguns is $25. The firearm is required to leave with a gun lock, if you do not bring one, you will be provided one for a $4.

Out of State Transfers

 If you purchase a gun from a different state, you can have it shipped to us to finalize the transfer. The fee is $25 for handguns and long guns. A FFL or Driver's License is required from the seller. We ask that you contact us so we know where to send our FFL. If you are looking to sell a firearm to a different state, we can ship it for you. The transfer fee is $25 for handguns and long guns, plus the actual shipping cost. We will only ship to Dealers with a valid FFL. All transfers must be picked up within 15 days. After 15 days, a $5/day storage fee will be assessed for each firearm. We are not responsible for wrong contact information. If you are transferring to us, it is your responsibility to make sure you contact us with the correct information. Due to legislation and the rising cost of gun locks, we are responsible for providing a gun lock when transferring firearms. If you do not have one, there will be a $4 charge to add a gun lock on top of the transfer fee. If you bring your own lock, there will be no added fee.


We offer appraisals for firearms for insurance and estate purposes. You may bring them in or call in advance to set up an appointment. Depending on the size, location, and duration of the visit, there may be an additional fee. The fee for the appraisal itself, whether done in-store or off-site, is $10/gun.


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